A raw, unbiased and hilariously entertaining journey into the brain science behind love, sex, heartbreak, addiction and self-worth.

Samantha Y. Abrams, Author, Comedian, Actor

The Complete Player

About the Author

Samantha Abrams grew up in rural North Carolina and at 46, she is an author, comedian, actor, hyper-realistic pencil artist, small business owner and a divorced, single parent. She lives in Los Angeles and began researching neuroscience for help mothering a child with Autism. She also studied psychology and behavioral genetics. With some help from Dr. Brian King, fellow comedian, neuroscientist and author of the best-selling book, "The Laughing Cure", Samantha penned "The Complete Player" which explains, through behavioral neuroscience, how and why we enter into toxic love relationships. It also helps us understand how ending unhealthy love relationships affects our mind and body. Her book is funny, smart and with straight-forward language, she spells out the neurological and psychological differences between men and women and how we process love, sex, addiction and self-worth.          

Abrams uses hysterical anecdotes from her own experiences, bravely uncovering painful pieces from her past and present to illustrate the agony and triumph associated with the devastating heartbreak over an unsympathetic lover, a very common, embarrassing and relatable conundrum. She holds nothing back as she uncovers how her own experiences with sexual abuse, addiction, a narcissistic mother and other jaw-dropping misfortunes gravely affected her love and sex life. Her message is one of victory over circumstances and it spills into every page as her purpose in writing this book was to speak to the overtly damaged and broken hearted. Her message is about gaining freedoms from anxiety, over-thinking and self-loathing by exposing them all as biological responses that can all be relearned. Thank goodness they can be relearned.

Samantha Y. Abrams

Written by Samantha Y. Abrams

Written by Samantha Y. Abrams

"Hilariously entertaining.."

"Highly informative and seriously funny!"

"The author is smart and brave for sharing her world view."


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