A raw, unbiased and hilariously entertaining journey into the brain science behind love, sex, heartbreak, addiction and self-worth.

Title Comparison

The book most often purchased with my book is “How to Spot a Player” by Dylan Marks.  These two in combination are a great fit because Marks’ book explains, from a male perspective, how and why men use others for sex and is a hard and sobering read for women.  My book, on the other hand, explains the brain chemistry behind his thinking and is chopped full of jokes. I have not found another book on the market that combines emotional recovery with brain strategy; which makes my book unique and marketable.

Another book like mine is “He’s Lying Sis” by Stephan Labossiere. This book targets the exact demographic my book reaches; that is a woman who is insecure in her current relationship, based on questionable actions of her significant other. Labossiere tells the reader, from a male perspective, how men think about the women in their lives, how he categorizes them and the tactics he uses to seduce them and keep them coming back. His book is a warning and so is mine. The difference, however, is my book gives a deeper understanding of why men lie to and disrespect the women in their lives.

Lastly, “F*ck Him” by Brian Nox is another suitable comparison to my book, at least in terms of it’s demographic. This is a very fun read and is informative about the psychological trap women fall into with being too forgiving of men but this book is merely a pep-talk. It coaxes the reader into transforming into the classy, desirable, no-nonsense personality that should protect them from falling for the wrong guy; consequently, always attracting the right one. This book, however may be an afterthought seeing as though women don’t seek books on this topic until they’ve experienced the very heartbreak this book promises they’ll avoid. All told, there were no scientific references in his book.


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